The State Agriculture Inspectorate (SIA) was established in line with the Law on Organisation and Work of the State Administration Bodies, and performs its organisation, competencies, authorisations, procedures, etc. in accordance with the Law on the State Agriculture Inspectorate.

The Inspectorate is authorised to perform inspection supervision through controls and inspections of:

  • agricultural land,
  • agricultural crops and plantations;
  • production and trade of plant protection products;
  • production and trade of seeds and planting material;
  • production and trade of fertilizers;
  • production and trade of animal feed quality;
  • records of breeding and other livestock, inspection of agricultural property, facilities and equipment for keeping livestock, makes inspection of nutrition, determines agricultural infrastructure, supervises the beekeeping and beekeeping order for grazing, keeping registers and markings, determines the fulfillment of the criteria for production, origin of the cattle and supervision of the trade of the livestock and the breeding material, as well as supervision of the work of the approved institutions and beehives;
  • production, trade and catching fish;
  • genetically modified organisms;
  • radionuclides in animal feed, plants and seeds;
  • poppy production and trade;
  • production and trade of organic products;
  • production and trade of wine;
  • production and trade of tobacco;
  • production and trade of flowers and ornamental plants;
  • pastures;
  • legal entities and natural persons for obtaining financial support in agriculture;
  • field damages;
  • equipment and premises where processing and finishing of agricultural products is performed;
  • agricultural mechanisation, technique and means of transport;
  • processing and finishing processes in all phases, up to the final product;
  • nitrate sensitive areas and irrigation and drainage;
  • implementation of recommendations for good agricultural practice;
  • premises for storage and maintenance of agricultural products;
  • and business premises, books, documents, materials in electronic form, documentation kept and stored in electronic media

The Inspectorate is also authorised to carry out inspection supervisions through control and inspections of import and export shipments, as follows:

  • quality of the shipments from import of animal feed, fertilizers, seeds and planting material at the customs terminals, – wine at import and export,
  • quality of flowers and ornamental plants at import and export and shipments of animal feed, fertilizers, seeds and planting material, products for protection of plants and plants at border crossings, through phytosanitary control at import, export and transit.

The Inspectorate also conducts phytosanitary control of shipments of plants, plant products and other objects and products for plant protection as well as determining the fulfillment of the requirements for issuance of the phytosanitary certificate, phytosanitary certificate for re-export and passport for plants.